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SalonOps Toolbox!

Here is a list of essential Forms and Manuals for your business. Please feel free to edit and use them.

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Operations Forms and Templates


SalonOps Collections Template

SalonOps membership model spreadsheet

Salon Ops Advertising and Promotional Plan

Salon Ops Booth renter agreement

Salon Ops cease and desist

SalonOps chair chart

Salon Ops chargeback template

Salon Ops Client issue log

SalonOps declines template for tracking

SalonOps Inventory Order List

SalonOps membership launch examples

Salon Ops membership model profit template

Salon Ops membership model spreadsheet with 30% commission on members 50% on addons

SalonOps membership model spreadsheet with 35% commission

Salon Ops membership model spreadsheet with salary for Marlboro

Salon Ops membership model spreadsheet with salary on members 50% on add on

SalonOps membership model spreadsheet with salary

SalonOps membership tracker list

Salon Ops Member Totals template

Salon Ops New Client Information Form

Salon Ops New Weekly Schedule

SalonOps Open Close Cash Record

Salon Ops Pay Schedule with commission

SalonOps pay calculation

SalonOps perfect consultation

Salon Ops Pricing salon services

SalonOps salon adverts for jobs

Salon Ops Salon Cash Flow template 

Salon Ops Salon Cash Flow

SalonOps Salon Cashflow sample month

Salon Ops Salon Cashflow

Salon Ops sample cease and desist

SalonOps sample chair chart

Salon Ops sample franchise template

Salon Ops Sample New Client Letter

Salon Ops Sample pay calculation

SalonOps Sample Pay Schedule (1)

SalonOps sample Pay Schedule (2)

SalonOps Sample Pay Schedule final

SalonOps sample Pay Schedule

SalonOps sample Tip Sheet

SalonOps Secret shopper form

Salon Ops Shopping List

SalonOps Spa Party Contract

SalonOps Spa Party Contract

SalonOps Staff Map Salon

SalonOps Stylist Creed

Salon Ops Stylist Creed

SalonOps The Buddy System for Salons and Spas v3

SalonOps tip suggestion sheet

SalonOps Weekly Membership Tracker

SalonOps what is the membership SalonOps FAQ

selfie system parts


Sample Advertising Pictures


2017-04-26 Event

13582076_ 498410167035660_656490707663999981

1491555317Spa Party 1

1480471091992_maia holiday party email

ad 1

 ad 2

 ad 3

 ad 4




advert sample (2)

advert Sample

advertising example


Bridal Landing Page


Congratulations On Your New Home

coupon new home

facebook ad giftcard

fall pic

gift Cards




SalonOps xmas ad 1

SalonOps 12thday

SalonOps 57E97984-

SalonOps holiday party email

SalonOps holiday party

SalonOps IMG_1018

SalonOps IMG_ 1565

SalonOps iStock-511217894

SalonOps letter background

SalonOps letterhead

SalonOps lips

SalonOps MAGAZINE Proof 2

SalonOps MAGAZINE Proof final

SalonOps membership

SalonOps menu cover

SalonOps New Home owner

SalonOps New Home owner

SalonOps news letter

SalonOps Newsletter page

SalonOps pedi

Salon Ops pedicure summer special

SalonOps Sample coupon new home

SalonOps Sample Hair promo summer fb

SalonOps Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 8.41.01 PM

SalonOps spa day

SalonOps Spa Party 1

SalonOps Spa Party Coupon

SalonOps Summer-Hair

Salon Ops Template (2)

SalonOps Template

SalonOps unnamed

SalonOps unnamed

SalonOps Untitled design

SalonOps Untitled design

SalonOps Untitled-2

SalonOps white-ribbon-box-engagement-announcement-card_6709_88482_1_1arge – Copy

SalonOps white-ribbon-box-engagement-announcement-card_ 6709 _88482_ 1 _large

SalonOps white-ribbon-box-engagement-announcement-card_6709_88482_1_1arge