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I was sick of busting my butt trying to come up with new ideas and getting clients through the door only to have employees try to squeeze me for more commission. Or worse, they would leave and take clients with them. I implemented the SalonOps system 3 years ago and not only doubled my business, I bullet proofed it. I am running at 35-45% profit. That’s AFTER all expenses including paying myself. I also had a walkout in October. All my senior stylists left, stole, and tried to take the clients with them. But because of the system SalonOps had prepared for me, it took 20 minutes in court to have them escorted from their salon and told they had to abide by the contract. I continued to succeed despite being understaffed for a moment and having to replace a few people. We are on track to reach over 500k this year. I am beyond thrilled! My staff makes a ton of $. Our clients are happy and extremely loyal. They send clients just like them! It’s been an unbelievable ride! I’ve been a workaholic my whole life! Now I have to find out what to do with all my free time and peace of mind! Ahhhh! If you are thinking of using the SalonOps System DO IT! It’s a system. And systems work. All you have to do is implement it! Thank You SalonOps Sarah

Owner, Twirl Hair Studio

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